After washing and preserving the bike, think about the wintering place. Bicycle storage opportunities depend on the type of four walls you have. Flats in blocks generate the possibility of storing two-wheelers in their interiors, on balconies or possibly in basements. In turn, owning a home usually gives you the opportunity to place your bicycle in a garage or basement. In many of the cases mentioned above, however, bicycles become another piece of furniture that often takes up too much space. Fortunately, there are ways today for everything.


Storing a bicycle in winter can be associated with the two most important threats that you should handle to enjoy riding in the next season. The risk of bicycle theft is one of these threats. Before storing your bike, it is a good idea to equip yourself with the appropriate protection. Given the above, the best place to winter a bicycle will be the interior of the apartment or a locked garage or basement in a single-family house. The worst places in this respect are the balcony or basement in the block. These are also the weakest bicycle storage zones against the second most important threat, i.e. moisture. Moisture can have a detrimental effect on the moving parts of a bicycle that are exposed to rust. In addition, as a result of placing the bicycle on cold, concrete surfaces, the tires will deteriorate faster. The indoor bicycle racks come perfect in these cases.

Places and ways of wintering bicycles

The interiors of apartments and houses are the best places to store bicycles in the face of the aforementioned threats. Unfortunately, a bicycle in the hallway or in the living room is often also an impractical piece of furniture. A washed two-wheeler can, however, be an ornament. Just hang it on the wall after screwing special hooks or hangers to it. When choosing the right handle or hook, it’s worth paying attention to its carrying capacity. In addition, we can purchase a handle that will match the interior color concept. More expensive hangers provide greater security. In addition to greater load capacity and colors to choose from, we can also buy ones that have rubberized grips to prevent scratches on the bike, and those equipped with special channels that protect the walls from leaving traces by the tires. Bicycle hooks and hangers are offered by both cycling companies and large DIY stores.

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