Electronic Article Surveillance:

When you are a retail shopper then you would understand the uses of this EAS security labels. These labels are of two types one is Radio frequency which is called as RF and the other one is called Acousto Magnetic as AM. These eas label is available in all sizes and also in colors. It is made of a thin paper which is self-adhesive and also you can buy this as a plain one or a barcoded one which are made up of different designs and sizes. These are very simple and also you can apply it as easily as it is strong. It is helpful to detect the thief or who is trying to take the products without any knowledge. It is a detector and is available in various brands such as Checkpoint, Nadep and Sensormatic.

Varieties of Cabels:   

Eas security soft RF lable 2×5 are available in five colors such as Black, White, Transparent, Thermal and Barcode. The special function of this label is that it is an anti-theft security and also helpful for the prevention of heavy losses. You can use it as ananti-shoplifting and you can see this label in retail stores, super markets and malls and this was originated from China. You can secure the items like books, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, DVD cases and so on. It would also be perfect for all types of retail things. All types of label would perform the same and they are specially meant to protect the merchandizes in the shops.

It is completely used to avoid the theft in a big shopping mall or retail shops. You have appointes staffs to notice things but it is hard to notice every minute thing and for this purpose you should buy an EAS labels.

Secure Your Products with Proper Anti-Theft System


EstarEAS labels are square in shape and also it would be very clear label with just a simple black text. It gives protection to many types of products and also it acts as an excellent deterrent of visual. Eas label is combined with non-eas labels to get a better protection. These work with the security alarms to alert the people in the mall. The labels are attached to the products and it provides a variety of security practices. There are many services available which would tell you what kind of services can be used to take care of your products.

There are number of companies which are happy to give you an advice of how to prevent your shop from theft and these EAS Labels or eas tag are damn special and would be recommended by all the companies.

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